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Juan & Lynne Take MPLS

Happy Yeaster!

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What a fantastic weekend.

My parents came in on Thursday to spend Easter with me. My workplace was closed on Friday because they are good people.

Seriously, the way to my heart is to give me an extra day to sleep in. Bless you, K&C.

It had been a very busy week at work, and although it was the good kind of busy, I was just giddy to come home to this:


Men kom igjen. Hvor søte er de?

It’s not want, it’s need to have a glass of wine and a platter of cheese waiting for me at the end of all days.

Ooo. & cuppies. Om nom nom.

We had a nice cocktail hour before deeming it late enough to head to Blue Door for a Juicy Lucy without having to wait three hours for a table.

img_5906.jpgSure enough, only a five minute wait. We ate ourselves to death and went to bed with what can only be called a litter of food babies. (I hate myself for writing that, but I won’t take it back.)

Friday afternoon ma & I went to our favorite place – IKEA.


I bought some nice candle stick holders and frames for my room. Not to mention that I stocked up on Swedish candy and food. #blessed to have an IKEA down the road.

Also #cursed but oh well.

We went to Good Friday mass and then had an absolutely fantastic dinner. We did not anticipate the bouj level of this place. Our waiter knew us by name and that we were going to a show after dinner.

I was like, “why are you so obsessed with me?”

No, but I was actually irked that he did not really acknowledge me and seemed to be only quite concerned with pa.

Don’t get me wrong, my dad DEFINITELY deserves all of the attention and respect he was getting, but it felt weird. I can only imagine it had something to do with my age or gender. I might have just smelled icky or had something in my teeth.

IDK. Maybe I’m wrong. But it didn’t feel good.

We were going to see what he’d do if  I asked for the bill & paid (with my dad’s card, but hey it was for show), but we didn’t because by that time we had a personal connection with this fellow.

& I had already made my presence known. & forced him to interact with the mousy preteen-looking female. HA.

Otherwise, there were zero complaints. Only full tums.


Then came the highlight of the weekend: WICKED.


This show has been on my list for a long time, but it went off my radar after I graduated high school.

Nothing worth trying to critique. It was completely flawless. I did not expect to burst into tears as soon as it started.

Lions and tigers and big ole babies. Oh my.


Saturday we headed to the MiA (minneapolis institute of art). I also became a member, so I’m v excited to have something cheap, fun and fulfilling on lazy days.



There were some beautiful pieces on display from China and many countries in Africa. It’s so hard to comprehend that some of the art is from around 500 bc.

Like how. How can that be right in front of me?!?!

There is a Guillermo Del Toros exhibit too. So spooky and unsettling. He’s incredible.

Check out these lame tourists with his Frankenstein monster head:


The weather was supposed to be pretty crappy, but it was beautiful when we came out of the museum, so we headed to Uptown to find a nice place for lunch.

We wanted to just grab sandwiches at a cafe, but when we walked by Cowboy Slims, it looked too enticing.


They had their massive garage door windows open and the warm air was blowing in. We landed a perfect seat right in the sun. Stupendous people watching. Remarkable cheese curds. & two bottles of Corona.

Summer is so close I can taste it.

On Sunday we went to church at the Cathedral in Saint Paul. I’ve never been there before, but lawwwd it was beautiful.


We had a delicious lunch at Moscow on the Hill. So much nom this weekend.


and then m+d were off.

It was such a treat to have them here and to have someone to spend Easter with.

Thanks for everything ma&pa. You are always welcome here. I can’t wait to see you again. I love you.



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