72 Long and Delightful Hours.

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I am about to say something that I don’t think I’ve ever said in my life. This weekend felt long. Most weekends fly by so fast that you don’t really get to enjoy them, but this weekend the hours seemed unending, in the best away. I feel like I’ve lived a week in three days. I didn’t do that much, per say, but every minute was enjoyed to its fullest.

I really kicked off my weekend by finding this before taking a shower Thursday night:

IMG_5657 (1)

I do not have an inkling where that came from and how it got under my turtleneck and attached to my shoulder. Moving on.

We had a St Paddy’s Day party at work on Friday starting at 2pm. There was beer tasting from a local microbrewery, a live band playing traditional Irish music, corn-beef and cabbage, Jameson, and tiny leprechaun hats. You could say we were living the dream.

I have never had a proper celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, which is silly seeing as I am nearly 50% Irish. I have always acknowledged the holiday, wore green, and wished I didn’t have to work/study/workthenextmorning, but I FINALLY got to go all in this year! It was so much fun. Side note – I won Twins tickets in a raffle at the party. I never win anything! WOOT. ERIN GO BRAUGH!

IMG_5672 (1)
Katie and I wearing tiny leprechaun hats and matching green sweaters. We never mean to match, but we are slowly becoming the same person, so it’s not surprising.

Saturday morning was quiet and lazy, the way all Saturday mornings should be. Katie, Devin, and I sat in the living room drinking smoothies and coffee. We were talking about how we don’t know the most basic things about the people we are closest with. Katie and I didn’t know each others favorite color, book, movie, song, ANYTHING.

It’s a very weird thing when you become friends with someone solely because your personalities click. You really only talk about things that matter. There’s no “getting-to-know-each-other” phase. Simply starting to hang out more and more often and building a relationship off of shared experiences. So you kind of skip over the simple parts of one another and learn more intimate details – not like deep dark secrets, but the about who they really are.

And so, we started interviewing one another on our likes and dislikes, which segued into us completing this really cool list of interview questions from one of my college courses. You can find these questions here. Take a look at it, sit down and answer them with friends. It’s so much fun and you learn a lot about yourself and others.

I’m slightly obsessed with smoothies right now. Here’s what went into mine from Saturday morning.

King Lear is playing at the Guthrie theater and I got an invite from my friend who had a gift card. Pro tip: never turn down “free” or “Guthrie Theater”. We got there a little early so we could explore the theater before the show. The Guthrie has some amazing views of Minneapolis, both the skyline and the Mississippi River. I was glad we got there early. My inner tourist was just giddy.

The show was fantastic. I won’t lie, my eye lids were pretty heavy by the end, but I swear it was just from exhaustion, not boredom. 10/10. Would, nay, AM recommending.

IMG_5687 (1)

Sunday was designated to sleeping in and cleaning. Check and check. After three hours of cleaning, everything is spick and span for the next week. I defy anyone to say clean bed sheets are not next to Godliness.

I also went ham at Trader Joes, aka my latest obsession. I feel like such a suburban mom when I say that, BUT TRY ME. IT’S THE BEST. The deals. The deaaaals. And the food is nice quality. Definitely worth enduring the overly-sociable, suspiciously-happy-to-be-there workers that I just want to grab, look deep into their eyes and ask them if they are being forced to ask me if I having any fun plans later.


And so, here I sit in my nice clean bed, content with the past three days. May all weekends to come feel as long as this one.


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