My New Roommate.

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A week ago my new roommate moved in. She sort of walked in like she owned the place, but she was so nice that we didn’t mind. Katie and I were very happy to see her since it had been a long time. It’s an interesting dynamic going from two to three. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot will change, it does. Mostly for the better, but at any rate, change can be hard to get used to.

Our new roommate requires plenty of attention. Not just like hanging out with her, but entertaining her while we’re hanging out. She’s not one for conversation. If Katie and I get talking she’ll often just lay down right then and there and fall asleep. No one really cares at the moment, but it comes back to haunt us later when she’s wide awake at 4am.

She’s unemployed and is staying with us for free. But that does not seem to entice her to want to help out with chores around here. She doesn’t look twice at a dish unless it has fresh food on it.

Speaking of which, have you ever had a friend who says they’re not hungry until you buy food for yourself and then suddenly they want a bite? That’s kind of how she is. No matter what time of day, if I or Katie start cooking food for ourselves, suddenly there she is. Just starting at us expecting a plate.

Even though she needs a lot of attention and has never cleaned up after herself, we all get along. Maybe it’s because Katie and I are easy-going or maybe it’s because she makes up for it with her unending love and cuteness. Everyday that we get home from work she is SO excited to see us. I’ve never met anyone who can look at her without smiling.

So I guess we’ll let her stick around.

Say hello to the latest addition to the McCall/Carbonell abode.

Ellie McCall.



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